We are delighted to announce that one of the resources shared on UCT OpenContent has won a 2011 Award for OpenCourseWare Excellence recognized by the international OpenCourseWare community.  Matumo Ramifikeng’s open educational resource Occupational Focused Conceptual Frameworks has been selected as an exemplar example of open online educational material.

The courses that achieved the ACE Awards this year are representative of some of the best work being done in the opencourseware (OCW) global community,” said Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director of OCW Consortium. “They embody the commitment to open sharing that has allowed the movement to rapidly grow, and we are excited to recognize these higher education leaders for their accomplishments.” 

Source: OCW Website

We are super excited for Matumo and are delighted to again celebrate her excellent materials.  You might recall that Matumo’s material was also selected for publishing late last year.  She certainly has received a lot of attention for her outstanding open teaching materials.

While the international community is celebrating Matumo’s material, I am concerned she may not be receiving the same recognition here at her home institution.  How do these new performance measures and international accolades factor into her advancement as an academic?  We are hoping that successes such as this are also celebrated at UCT, as we believe high quality teaching and the creation of resources such as these should contribute to academic advancement.

Let’s just sum up all of great things Matumo has achieved by sharing her materials on UCT OpenContent:

  • She created an educational resource that anyone could access online regardless of being registering at UCT
  • Her materials potentially generated domestic and international interest in the subject of occupational therapy (keeping people safe at work!)
  • Her materials specifically on The model of creative ability were selected forpublishing in the Journal of Occupational Therapy of Galicia
  • Her materials have now won the 2011 OpenCourseWare award for excellence
  • Her materials have showcased the work being done in the department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town

Congrats again Matumo from all of us on the OER team.  



Text from the letter of congratulations from the OpenCourseWare Consortium:

Prof. Ramafikeng,

As chair of the 2011 OCW Consortium Awards Committee, it’s my pleasure to congratulate you on behalf of the Consortium board of directors, staff and membership for the selection of your course, Occupational Focused Conceptual Frameworks, as a recipient of a 2011 Award for OpenCourseWare Excellence. 

We greatly appreciate your contribution to the global OpenCourseWare movement.  Enclosed please find your certificate recognizing the award.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions regarding the award.  Again, my congratulations. 

Stephen Carson
External Relations Director, MIT OpenCourseWare
Member, Board of Directors, OpenCourseWare Consortium

August 19, 2011 Edit: The University of Cape Town Monday Paper has also written a piece of this wonderful story!  Read it online here.

UCT open educational resource wins 2011 Award for OpenCourseWare Excellence

CC BY 4.0 UCT open educational resource wins 2011 Award for OpenCourseWare Excellence by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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