A picture of Michael Paskevicius

Dr. Michael Paskevicius is Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria. His research focuses on learning design practices, the development of digital literacies, and supporting personal knowledge management in an environment of rapid technological change. Michael has worked in higher education institutions across Southern Africa and Western Canada since 2005, supporting collaborative, creative, and personalized approaches to learning. As an advocate for openness in education, his research explores the integration of open source tools, open educational resources, and the development of open educational practices in teaching and learning.

Research Interests

Open Educational Practices

My research investigates how open education is impacting formal higher education by exploring if and how educators are shifting their teaching practices and whether students are developing literacies associated with open educational practice.

Academic Data Visualization

I am interested in how we can display academic and scholarly data in novel ways using academic data visualization.

Knowledge Management

I have more recently taken a keen interest in the knowledge management practices of those working and studying in higher education.

Open Educational Resources

I have been supporting, contributing, and researching open educational resources since 2009.

Educational Development

I have worked in educational development and engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education since 2012.