I recently wrapped up my Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) fellowship project. The fellowship has been a wonderful experience and has allowed me to conduct research into my area of interest while getting thoughtful feedback from the network. During the fellowship I was interested in identifying some of the foundational values and principles for open education in order to best determine how to introduce future teachers to the field and practice of openness in teaching and learning. Beyond recognizing and using openly licensed content, I wanted to explore the types of new or emergent pedagogical practices as well considerations around technology integration that aligns with open education principles.

Briefcase with stick that says 'open with care' to K12 educators
Integrating open education principles with new and emerging teachers takes care. Image adapted from GO-GN.

The journey of the fellowship can be traced through the three blog posts shared on the GO-GN website: Initial Fellowship Idea – Exploring the foundations of open education for new and emerging K-12 teachers;  An Invitation for Feedback – What are the pedagogical, technological, and content values and principles we most need to share with new K-12 educators?; and Reflecting on starting with ‘openness in mind’ for future research and teaching. The fellowship was then summarized and concluded in a final report provided to GO-GN.

The GO-GN team collected feedback from this years’ fellows and the two previous cohorts and presented it in the GO-GN Fellowship Reflections Report. In this document, they collected the experiences of all GO-GN fellows who participated in the program between 2020-2022 by drawing on the reflections of the nine GO-GN alumni and fellows. You can access the full report here.

The three cohorts of fellows who took part in the GO-GN Fellowship Program
Image embedded from: https://go-gn.net/gogn/fellows-research-the-end/

The fellows were from all over the world, representing Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australia. GO-GN has also prepared a lovely video with reflections from each fellow, shared below.

Reflecting on the GO-GN Fellowship Program and Project Outputs
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